About Me

I am Queer, white,masculine abolitionist. Coffee makes the world visible and manageable. I love being sober, my Dog, my Harley and working towards justice. I am a PhD Student, I am not a morning person, and sarcasm was my first language and was instill by my Bio-family, it an Irish thing. I have a wonderful logical family spread out over the globe. I was born in SoCal, came out in WeHo in 1979, left for Seattle in 80-98, stopped in Texas before making NorCal my home 1999. I work on myself so I can heal and leave the next generations with a different legacy than the world into which I was born. I have been a sex worker, bar back, bike messenger, loaded bags onto airplanes, and a Union carpenter for 15 years till I was hurt. I went back to school at 41, becoming the first college graduate in my immediate family. My work looks at race, gender, and the medical industrial complex. This blog is a place I want to examine truth, discuss, laugh, and learn as we all move forward and work for a better world. May Blessing, laughter and peace fill your days….
ps. I am also a dyslexic so all of the spelling and grammar police keep it to yourself Most times I write the way I speak, which of course is not so good.


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