Random Thoughts on Being White

Hey White friends, guess what? YOU’RE WHITE, that is right no need to feel guilty, or ashamed, no need to appropriate other folks culture, No nothing is the New Black, White guilt has no purpose, and racial equality is not when we get to use the N-word! We never get to say it, it is that simple. Justice is not us being able to go where we want, take up space that is not ours, and whine when we are called out on our racist behavior. No, our job is to learn the difference between whiteness and being raced white. No the difference does not mean we arrived in a post-racial world, it means read a book, talk to other white folks, unlearn, but avoid oppression “Olympics”, it is not a pretty game. Yes the first thing people see is race, that means us too, the first thing folks notice about me is that I am white, masculine and queer depending on the location of the moment. So embrace your whiteness do not be ashamed of it, or apologize for it. Now that you know you’re raced white, do something about it. Make mistakes, do it wrong, understand that we are unlearning a structural system that expects us to feel shame, white guilt, and fear. Being “PC” does not mean safety rather being “PC” means being vulnerable and uncomfortable in that moment of truth and growth, learn to sit with the feelings so each time it happens shame and looking foolish lose their power. The biggest gift I received in my unlearning process was realizing there is no arrival point, there is no finish line that I cross where I am no longer white or live in a world that needs racism to build capitol for the 1%. The other thing I found, and still find, important is forgiveness not for being white or born into a system I did not create, but for the moments of resistance and failure to see my white, masculine, able-bodied, and US born privilege.


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