Who Matters when coming out!

So it is all over today, did or did not Jodie Foster come out? I watch the show, having grown up in Santa Monica many folks,friends,parents were or are in the business. These are my thoughts on coming out, please come out in your own way at your own time. I never liked or do I like the practices of outing as it can be life threatening. I do not have the right to decide for another the choice, I can encourage folks to live their lives in ways that support them.That said, I got in this discussion about Queen Latifah after she preformed in Long Beach pride about why it is or is not important. My view is this, all of us that our out have more effect on the lives of people in our world than a celebrity. The teacher, carpenter,sex worker,student, parent who is out can impact far more lives than one celebrity. Second, what right do I have to expect someone to come out, again I encourage it of course, join us, be another vision of truth, but I have no right to demand it. Jodie foster said clearly that she was out to everyone she met, what more is expected of any of us? Some of us are out in high profile ways, others of us are not public for many reason. I came out in 1979, it was not easy in high school after that, nor for the next few years till I began to build a logical family, we live in a different time, coming out is still important, but I support us as people to recall what it was like, how are safety would be effected, and the financial cost before we demand others to risks what is their lives. I worked towards a day that coming out is not necessary, that my life and the lives of my friends are not threatened with violence for their difference. I also live out so that others who might want to make the choice to live out see a variety of people that have one or many things in common. We all know that coming out does not provide a homogenous community, we see that with the current political debate in the TBGL communities. Some of us are fighting for marriage rights, some of us are fighting to abolish prisons, and there are even gay republicans. So please come out, be a beacon of visibility in your daily life but lets us not assume we know why or why not a “public figure” does not come out, and who decides what out is anyway? Is out to myself any less important than being out to you? We are all public figures we all are important, and we all make a difference. Stay blessed I am….


One thought on “Who Matters when coming out!

  1. No one has the right to “push/pull” anyone out of the closet. It can be so beautiful when folks stand together in the light of truth. To all the teachers, lawyers, doctors, taxi drivers, garbage collectors, bankers, artists, parents and others who come out over and over again in our own big ways… YAY!!

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