“White Man’s Burden”

Is the supposed or presumed responsibility of white people to govern and impart their culture to nonwhite people, often advanced as a justification for European colonialism.
Below is a link to the poem and a Picture of the Pear’s Soap image. I post these today as a resource and a invitation to begin to research an understand the intentional structure of difference that capitalism needs to survive.This idea of Racial superiority is in the fabric of our daily lives, legally, socially and politically.It grants us White folks an inheritance of unearned privilege. In my discussion this week about racism in the TBGLQ ‘community’ specifically in response to a Leather Bar in Portland hiring and canceling of a racism for pay act by a white gay man doing “black face” but not limited to this one event but a daily refusal by many white folks to see how we participate, benefit, and ignore how racism impacts POC.How we refuse to hear from POC how we have done harm or attempt to tell POC that that is not what just happened. The main offense is that we take it personal when we are called out like it is our desire to harm. I know that very few white folks including me run around try to act in harmful racist ways. What took me many years and I still struggle with is that my experience is not the only one happening. This goes for many other things, but here I am speaking about racism.I am not a bad racist person because I do racist things, I am a white person who does not see my white privilege or the structural and institutional benefits I take for granted because I am white. My intention in this blog is to have conversations, give resources, and learn from others. This is hard and often painful work for us as white folks to realize often it is not about us, that we are not wanted in certain spaces, that some of the space we create feel unwelcoming to POC or that our other white friends back away, do not want to hang out, say your to serious ECT. This work of unlearning white privilege is not about being an ally, though if that happens great, it is about a paridiam shift about healing cause we are dying from racism too. We are deprived of our own humanity when we stay silent in the face of oppression. Owning our racism, working on ourselves is the spiritual work. We need to stop thinking working on racism means working in communities of Colour and start working in our own backyards, racism is not over there, it is right here in ourlives, in our families with our white friends. Read, research, ask other white people how they work on it, stop relying on POC to teach us or thank us, it is our responsibility to break the cycle. Being white is not the crime or something to be ashamed of, being silent and complicit is. When the youth ask you what you did to stop racism, What will you say? Blessing

Modern History Sourcebook:
Rudyard Kipling, The White Man’s Burden, 1899
This famous poem, written by Britain’s imperial poet, was a response to the American take over of the Phillipines after the Spanish-American War.
http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/kipling.asp 2/8/13 Downloaded


Here is my response to the Leatherati Post on defending Racism for pay

This post is in respone to the post on the Leatherati post defending the Portland Eagle Racism for pay show. http://www.leatherati.com/leatherati_issues/2013/02/by-tyesha-best-leatherati-contributing-editor-recently-the-eagle-in-portland-or-had-scheduled-shirley-q-liquor-a-very-cont.html
This response is nothing more than a refusal to accept that not only was the act racist, but the failed attempt to justify the fact that many folks of different racial markers called it out. Blackface is racist PERIOD!What is more disheartening is the racist justification that followed the out cry. The erasure of those calling it racist by changing the topic to other comedy or queer issues is a tool of white guilt to move the conversation away from racism. We as white folks must learn to be uncomfortable that the world does not have a universal history.We as White folks must also realize that we are White and racism is not over there, it is within us. I benefit from racism not because I seek to but because I have both white skin privilege and masculine privilege. I work on my racism and internal bias everyday. But I digress, racism has material consequences for those who are POC, especially TBGLQ folks of colour, they are 80-90% of the prison population in the US, and there is a epidemic of Black and Brown transwomen being killed everyday. SO yes as Cornel West states RACE DOES MATTER in the material consequences. When was the last time you as a white person walked into a bar and was the only or one of a few person that were white? Well bars and spaces are often white spaces in the TBGLQ which in and of itself is unwelcoming to POC. And please do not throw out the “we” are all the same, “we” live in a “post-racial world” post-racial is a white term for white people to feel like we have moved beyond racism, well we have not.Finally, there is no such thing as reverse racism, bias based on gender,class, nation, sexual orientation sucks, but being white places all of those things into a privileged position, racism is about power, the power to name for others what is or is not. I stand in my whiteness neither in shame or guilt, but I am responsible to work on how my whiteness impacts the world I live in. I inherited this privilege not by my individual acts, but by the slavery and genocide that white supremacy demanded and extracted through structural and institutional practices. Again, Racism is a fact of life, how we response to it is very telling, the Eagle and those who supported the racist act, failed and no amount of justification will change that. Acting in a racist way often is not seen as intentional, but that is the lie, it is exactly its intention to hide itself from the individual preforming the act.

Disheartened not discouraged

As we move in to Black History Month, I find myself more and more disheartened with the racism in the TBGL communities, the refusal of many white folks to actually get uncomfortable and acknowledge our privilege. That is not to say others do not have class privilege, Nation status, as we know none of us are immune to internal bias as that is how capitalism works, divide and concur. So, yes bias exists, but revers racism is a white myth to justify white guilt for something we did not create but works to help us maintain that racism is not that bad or we live in a “post-racial” world. Yet as I write this another racism for pay event in a queer bar is planned and being supported. (It is at the Eagle in Portland Or. March 15 2013, please contact the eagle (503) 283-9734 835 N. Lombard St., Portland, OR.
It must become as much of an outrage as another loss of life, hate speech, or other forms of hate. What is our responsibility as white folks to call each other out? I did not create racism, I benefit from it, I am responsible in my daily life to do something about it. I turned 50 last year and decided to speak up more than I have been which was a bit, because I have a responsibility to the future generations, I may not see a equatable but I must not let that be a reason a do not speak up. I also know it sets me up as a target from all kinds of folks, for not doing it right, saying it right, thinking some how I am better than other folks, but really so what all those things get in the way of unlearning my white, US, masculine privilege. Yes I get my feelings hurt , yes it is hard to be called out, no I am not special or smarter, or more book learned, I am someone who wants to do right and fail more ofter than not. I ask again what is are job in the dismantling of racism? How do you deal with being called out and exposed for saying, doing some thing racist? Why can we as white folks not talk about it, Being TBGL has not relevance in dealing with racism as a “I am marginalized too” yes being queer in a heternormative world sucks, but when 80-90% of folks in prison for non-violent crimes are black and brown that is a week comparison. When Black Trans women are killed everyday, my white queerness protects me. So take a stand, look inside, be active in the solutions to end racism, but first know it starts within ourselves.Yes I am dis heartened not discourage.