Disheartened not discouraged

As we move in to Black History Month, I find myself more and more disheartened with the racism in the TBGL communities, the refusal of many white folks to actually get uncomfortable and acknowledge our privilege. That is not to say others do not have class privilege, Nation status, as we know none of us are immune to internal bias as that is how capitalism works, divide and concur. So, yes bias exists, but revers racism is a white myth to justify white guilt for something we did not create but works to help us maintain that racism is not that bad or we live in a “post-racial” world. Yet as I write this another racism for pay event in a queer bar is planned and being supported. (It is at the Eagle in Portland Or. March 15 2013, please contact the eagle (503) 283-9734 835 N. Lombard St., Portland, OR.
It must become as much of an outrage as another loss of life, hate speech, or other forms of hate. What is our responsibility as white folks to call each other out? I did not create racism, I benefit from it, I am responsible in my daily life to do something about it. I turned 50 last year and decided to speak up more than I have been which was a bit, because I have a responsibility to the future generations, I may not see a equatable but I must not let that be a reason a do not speak up. I also know it sets me up as a target from all kinds of folks, for not doing it right, saying it right, thinking some how I am better than other folks, but really so what all those things get in the way of unlearning my white, US, masculine privilege. Yes I get my feelings hurt , yes it is hard to be called out, no I am not special or smarter, or more book learned, I am someone who wants to do right and fail more ofter than not. I ask again what is are job in the dismantling of racism? How do you deal with being called out and exposed for saying, doing some thing racist? Why can we as white folks not talk about it, Being TBGL has not relevance in dealing with racism as a “I am marginalized too” yes being queer in a heternormative world sucks, but when 80-90% of folks in prison for non-violent crimes are black and brown that is a week comparison. When Black Trans women are killed everyday, my white queerness protects me. So take a stand, look inside, be active in the solutions to end racism, but first know it starts within ourselves.Yes I am dis heartened not discourage.


One thought on “Disheartened not discouraged

  1. Lately I am shocked by the actions in the queer community that are given a “pass” because the folks doing the acting are generally thought of as “good folks who really don’t meant any harm.” I am sick of this post-racial “hall pass.” Yes there are black people who occupy the White House, that is an historic achievement for this nation. However, that is ONE family of colour, and they had economic and education privilege on their side (how many coloured folks from non-ivy league schools are rocking the national spotlight?) So be real people– if you don’t mean any harm then DON’T DO ANY HARM.

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